Research and promotion of early fire warning technology
Based on the application of single-chip microcomputer and peripheral products, it is more professional in the industry with in-depth research accumulation and precipitation
Value-added services for product application market
Cooperate with customers and the market, guide and build and improve value-added services in the process of product application, which is more practical.
Authorized well-known agents to jointly promote
Professional technical team, rapid response to customer needs, joint original factory and well-known agents, efficient integration and landing
Join hands with  colleges to build a win-win situation
Build joint laboratories and R&D centers with electronics professional colleges to provide customers with more grounded services.
       Focus On Early Fire Warning Sensing Technology Research
                   Professional ,Practical, Intelligent, Interconnection, Security
Complete Project Evaluation and Audit System

Advanced R&D Equipment and Development Environment
Special Person Responsible for the Whole Process of Cooperation
Nanny-style One-stop  Support Service
High-efficiency and High-quality Completion of Acceptance
Efficient Conversion of Original Factory and Third-party Resources
Low to Zero Cost R&D Expenses
PCBA Mass Production Support Service
R&D Team with Many Years of Experience
Core Advantages
Provide you with professional, practical, intelligent, interconnected and safe   one-stop solutions.

Independent Smoke and Fire Alarm
Power Battery Monitoring and Protection
Cabinet Fire Dust Monitoring
Power Cabinet Safety Monitoring

Technical Support and Cooperation hotline